Research & Development

A first look at new gear we’re working on.

Giving you transparency into the design process is a really important priority for our team. We think it’s valuable to know where your gear is coming from, why it’s being made and the journey it’s been on.

We’ll be periodically updating this to share new concepts currently in development and to give you an opportunity to share your thoughts.

Test Pilots: What's In Flight // The Expedition Shirt

On The Horizon: The Down Puffer

John’s Currently Testing: The Down Puffer

Bruce (Dir. Innovation/Sustainability) and JP (Creative Director) review prototype puffers.

Test Pilot Testimonial: Craig Yester

We recently hopped on the phone with our second round of Florence Test Pilots to review their findings. We love these calls – it’s a chance for us to connect to our community and hear real valuable feedback around our gear. Near the end of this particular call, Craig Yester – a test pilot from the North Shore of Oahu and a former professional windsurfer – was given the floor and reminded us all why we started this brand and this program in the first place.

We want to hear from you

Ultimately, we’re making our products for you. It’s our hope that you’ll share your feedback, ideas, suggestions and/or observations on what we’ve got in the works. Leave your comments below to let us know what you’re thinking. 

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