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In a member-exclusive from the depths of the Indonesian jungle, Nathan checks in with a breakdown of what he's riding, the gear he's using and the waves they're scoring in the latest stop on the Score Tour.

May 2024 // 3 Min. Read

Field Report

6 Min. Read

Quarterly Update

get out there // x.003 – Waimea with John & Robbo

“Just give it hell right now. Just send a couple. Bing, bang boom, then come right in.” When the buoy is 23’ at 16 seconds, and John gives you a call to surf Waimea, do you go? In this new member-exclusive, John & Robbo have a go at the Bay.

Quarterly Update // 10 Min. Read

Dispatch From Fiji

get out there // x.002 – G-Land Journal

In June 2022, John and Parallel Sea's Head of Cinematography Erik Knutson went deep into the Balinesian jungle for the G-Land Pro. In this new member-exclusive short, John scores the famous left prior to the event start with these never-before-seen rides.

get out there // x.001 – Australia Journal

2 months of time spent surfing and exploring the Australian continent – distilled into 18 minutes of member-exclusive footage. Enjoy.

Fun // x.002 – Behind the Heat with John & Ivan

Spend time in the yard with John and brother Ivan as they find themselves facing one another for the first time in a final at the HIC Pipe Pro.

Explore // x.004 – 67 Reminders to Get Out There and Explore

A short film celebrating the moments at home and abroad that remind us how lucky we are to get outside.

Fun // x.001 – Slow It Down Vol. 2

John and friends take advantage of some summertime swell near home. All captured in 300fps.

Explore // x.003 – Ready

John and the crew stop off in California to test boards, train and challenge themselves in challenging waves ahead of surfing’s arrival on the global stage.

Block The Sun

Explore the UPF 50+ Active Shirts that John wears out to sea.

Explore // x.002 – A Day Sail

Go aboard John’s Gunboat 48 Vela as he and the crew take advantage of the conditions to sail waters close to home.

Explore // x.001 - Australia

At the end of every Australian road is a potential adventure. Watch this member-exclusive short film chronicling John John and the crew's recent stint exploring one of our favorite continents.