TEST PILOT CYCLE 006 RECAP: Parachute Primaloft Zip Jacket

Cycle 006 Parachute Primaloft Zip Jacket Recap


Designed with featherweight fabric originally intended for running & filled with synthetic insulation primed for wet conditions, the prototype tested in Cycle 006 was light for flight – and our sixteen selected Test Pilots took full advantage.

Florence Test Pilot Parachute Primaloft Zip Jacket

A diverse squad of big wall climbers, firefighters, slab hunters and fishing guides put the Parachute PrimaLoft Jacket through the paces and came back with the field notes to prove it.

Here’s their feedback:

Max Basset

"The covert zip is my favorite thing about it. The packability of this thing is phenomenal – I took it on a backcountry alpine trip and it worked insane!" - MAX B.

Oscar Johnson

"When I picked it up it was way lighter than I expected it to be. Amazing layering piece, and you could tell it was a premium product right out of the box. The zippers, the design, the fit were all right on." - OSCAR J.

Will Alford Climbing in the Florence Parachute Primaloft Jacket

"The color and weight is great. It's great for the dynamic East Coast weather. Worked as a layer under the jacket. My only feedback would be if you could make it so the jacket stuffs into the pocket, that'd be really sick. Also some stretch into the side paneling for added maneuverability, especially for climbing would be great." - WILL A.

Craig Yester Florence Test Pilot

"I was amazed at how well it repelled the light rain. Super comfortable, light, and I love the cuff design. Really well built to layer another jacket on top. The hidden pocket works well. It's just silky soft. It even works in the mornings here in Hawaii, and I find it works epic for me from 40 degrees to 80 degrees." - CRAIG Y.

Jason Schmaltz Test Pilot Summit Seekers Experience

"The jacket has several good features that stand out, including its vibrant color scheme and eye-catching design. Additionally, it has a convenient pocket that can accommodate a phone for quick photography. However, there are some areas for improvement to consider. The jacket lacks elasticity under the arms, making it less suitable for dynamic movements like rock climbing. Incorporating stretchable materials like nylon or implementing ribbed panels could address this issue. Another suggestion is to offer a hood option, as many jackets in the industry include one. The jacket could be made warmer and more wind-resistant, as it falls short in these aspects compared to similar-weight alternatives. It was great to have zippers on all the pockets too so nothing fell off when I was on the wall." - JASON S.

Bronson Hovanian Test Pilot

"My initial impression of the material was positive, although I wasn’t sure about its packability. However, I genuinely liked the baffle design and pattern. Like the rest of the group, I agree that a hood would be a great addition. On my climb up El Cap, I specifically chose this layer because I knew it’d effectively repel rain and wind during some forecasted thunderstorms. It was so useful up there. The fit was a little snug for climbing, but it made up for it with how stylish it is. Whether I wanted to wear this up the wall or in town, it had a stylish (but still technical) vibe that doesn’t look like some insane space outfit." - BRONSON H.

Ned Hart Florence Test Pilot

"Loved the fit and feel. A hood would be so good…standing in the offshores, I really got cold. I was wearing it every day and saw zero wear and tear. Overall, I was just frothed on it." - NED H.

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