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“Challenging ourselves to get out there and thrive in the elements, while doing our best to protect the ocean and the land."

- John John Florence
Co-Founder, 2X World Champion Surfer & Olympian


We are Florence. Founded in partnership with 2X World Champion surfer and Olympian, John Florence, we provide modern utilitarian equipment for all sport conditions. 

John is best known for being one of the most influential & iconic athletes of this generation. A true modern day pioneer, he is an innovator in and out of the water. With interests that go far beyond the horizon, John’s goal in founding Florence was to make equipment that served his needs across all fields of play – true utilitarian sport solutions, manufactured through precision assembly and laser-focused on performance innovation.


John’s home – Hawaii’s North Shore of Oahu – is our R&D facility. It’s one of the most dynamic environments on earth, providing the most rigorous testing conditions imaginable for our gear. Anything we bring to market has been battered, bruised and stretched to its limit until John and our crew of Test Pilots give the nod that it’s ready for the masses. This can make R&D a slow, thorough process. But it ensures that when a piece of our gear lands in your hands, and you see that red burgee flag on the sleeve, it’s understood that this equipment has not only been tested – but proven. 

We’re on a mission to do things differently, and we can’t thank you enough for coming along with us for the journey.



John Alexander Florence was born on the Hawaiian island of Oahu on October 18, 1992.

Raised a stone’s throw from the storied Pipeline, John gained a preternatural relationship with the sea – a way of navigating waves of consequence and reading the ocean that only comes once in a generation. Over his 30 years, that relationship has led him to redefine the sport of surfing, along the way winning nearly every major title from the Pipe Masters to the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational, including back-to-back World Surf League Championships and 5 Triple Crown wins. 

When he’s not chasing world titles, you’ll find John testing our gear, sailing his catamaran 7000 nautical miles across the South Pacific, beekeeping, tending his local organic farm, and figuring out new ways to push the limits of what’s possible in and around the water with his brothers Nathan and Ivan across the North Shore. 


Looking after the places we explore with what we make and how we make it.

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