AIRTEX: A Guide to Florence’s Breathable Performance Apparel Technology

AIRTEX: A Guide to Florence’s Breathable Performance Apparel Technology

In this blog, we’ll break down AIRTEX – the breathable textile solution we use to transform the way we engage in high-output activities. AIRTEX offers a range of highly breathable gear designed to enhance your performance, comfort, and overall experience during intense physical pursuits in all conditions.

Keep reading to explore the unique attributes of AIRTEX, and see what sets it apart from conventional fabrics.

Toa Pere Paddling
The Breathability Advantage

The key feature that distinguishes AIRTEX is its exceptional breathability. When engaging in high-output activities such as running, hiking, paddling or intense workouts, our bodies naturally generate heat and moisture. Traditional fabrics tend to trap this heat and moisture, resulting in discomfort, reduced performance, and potential health risks.

AIRTEX surpasses standard fabrics with its breathability, allowing for optimal air circulation and effective moisture-wicking. By facilitating superior ventilation, AIRTEX keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable even in the most demanding conditions. This enhanced breathability not only improves your performance but also helps regulate your body temperature, preventing overheating and excessive sweating.

Versatility in Motion: The Difference Between Woven and Knit AIRTEX

To cater to the diverse needs of athletes & maximize performance, FLORENCE utilizes both woven and knit fabrics across the AIRTEX range. Let's delve into the unique characteristics of each type:

Woven Airtex Material
FLORENCE employs woven AIRTEX for products that demand high abrasion resistance, such as utility shorts. Woven fabrics consist of vertically and horizontally interwoven yarns, creating a sturdy structure reminiscent of a basket. This construction ensures excellent durability, making it resistant to wear and tear during rugged activities. Further, woven AIRTEX retains its shape exceptionally well and offers a more tailored fit compared to knit fabrics.

Knit Airtex material
For products requiring increased mobility and less abrasion, like Utility Tops, FLORENCE integrates knit AIRTEX. Knit fabrics feature yarns looped within each other, offering a high degree of stretchiness. This elasticity enables unrestricted movement, allowing you to perform dynamic actions effortlessly. While knit fabrics may be more prone to snagging, FLORENCE's advanced manufacturing techniques minimize this risk while maintaining the desired level of stretch.

By harnessing the strengths of woven and knit AIRTEX, FLORENCE combines the best attributes of both to create high-performance gear that caters to the unique demands of various activities.

Airtex Shorts
Utility Shorts made with woven AIRTEX provide exceptional durability and abrasion resistance, making them ideal for rugged outdoor pursuits. The fabric's structural integrity ensures it can withstand the rigors of challenging terrains while offering a comfortable fit that supports your movements.

Airtex Shirt blowing in the wind on a sailboat
Utility Tops crafted with knit AIRTEX deliver unparalleled flexibility and mobility, making them perfect for activities that require dynamic movements. Whether you're practicing yoga, strength training, distance running, or hiking the fabric's stretchiness allows for a full range of motion, empowering you to perform at your best.

Kaiwi Berry Island View wearing Florence AirtexWith its exceptional breathability, versatile fabric options, and tested design, FLORENCE's AIRTEX revolutionizes the way we experience high-output activities & modern sport conditions.

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