The Florence Guide to UPF Clothing & Gear

The Florence Guide to UPF Clothing & Gear

Our best days are spent doing everything under the sun. But to ensure we can keep getting after it day after day, sun protection is vital. Below you’ll find a fundamental guide to UPF clothing: what it is, why it outshines sunscreen in certain situations, and how we’re approaching it in our own modern utilitarian way to provide the best sun protection imaginable.

Florence UV and UPF Sun Protection

UPF clothing has become a popular choice for protecting against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. As a wearable alternative to sunscreen, UPF clothing offers numerous performance benefits you can’t get with just sunscreen & everyday cotton-based apparel.

UPF, or Ultraviolet Protection Factor, quantifies a fabric's ability to block UV radiation. Similar to SPF (Sun Protection Factor), which rates sunscreen effectiveness, UPF indicates how well clothing shields against UV rays. A higher UPF rating indicates better protection.

Closeup Photo of Florence UPF 50+ UV protection sun protection

UPF clothing presents several compelling reasons to opt for it over sunscreen. Firstly, it provides consistent protection throughout the day, eliminating the need for frequent reapplication. Unlike sunscreen, UPF clothing doesn't contain chemicals, making it an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive skin or those who prefer chemical-free solutions. Moreover, UPF clothing acts as a physical barrier, minimizing the risk of sunscreen allergies, irritations, or chemical absorption. It also retains its sun-blocking properties even after multiple washes, making it a cost-effective and durable option.

Airtex Shirt Sun Protection with Maximum Breathability

UPF clothing offers an array of benefits for individuals seeking reliable sun protection. Firstly, it plays a crucial role in preventing skin cancer by effectively blocking UV radiation. This makes it an important preventive measure, particularly for individuals with fair skin or a family history of skin cancer. UPF clothing also provides excellent protection against sunburns, reducing discomfort, pain, and the potential long-term damage caused by overexposure to the sun. Additionally, UPF clothing helps combat premature aging by shielding the skin from UVA and UVB rays, minimizing the risk of wrinkles and age spots.

With a wide range of styles available, including shirts, pants, hats, and swimwear, there’s more versatility than ever before in UPF gear. This ensures that you can find suitable options for various outdoor activities while maintaining adequate protection. Furthermore, with advancements in textile technology, UPF clothing now combines functionality and fashion, allowing individuals to prioritize style without compromising on sun protection.

Toa Pere Outrigger Canoe Paddling in Airtex Shirt Sun Protection

UPF clothing encompasses various styles to cater to different needs. Long-sleeved shirts made from tightly woven fabrics provide excellent protection for the upper body, while lightweight, loose-fitting pants and bottoms shield the lower body, making them ideal for outdoor activities or everyday wear. Wide-brimmed hats offer protection for the face, neck, and ears, reducing the risk of sunburn and skin damage. For in-water UPF gear, ensures continuous sun protection even when wet.

When it comes to sun protection, UPF clothing serves as a superior alternative to sunscreen. Its consistent and durable protection, absence of chemicals, and physical barrier attributes make it an excellent choice for those seeking reliable sun defense. The informative benefits of UPF clothing, combined with its versatility and fashion-forward designs, further enhance its appeal. By investing in UPF clothing, individuals can enjoy outdoor activities while safeguarding their skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Maddix Alotis in Sun Protection Adapt Long Sleeve Shirt
When the team is building gear, the brief from founder John Florence is simple: make things that help people stay outside as long as possible doing what they love. Utility UPF Clothing is the quintessential embodiment of this idea.

Florence Utility UPF Tops are multipurpose shirts with built-in sun protection. Designed to withstand long days in and around the water, they're engineered with breathable panels, antimicrobial fabric and 30-50 UPF+ to help you endure all conditions.

Florence UPF UV Sun Protection

If you’re not going to make something the best it can be, what’s the point? Our experienced development team sourced the highest quality fabrics possible that checked the right boxes from moisture management to performance to lightweight textile innovation. From there, we tested their performance with John and our crew of Test Pilots under the oppressive sun on the North Shore of Oahu. We had people take them on transatlantic sailing voyages. We had snowboarders layer them under their jackets to block sun reflecting off the snow. The feedback was unanimous: these are the best UPF garments they’d ever used.

Since those early days, we’ve dimensionalized our offering, with a variety of materials (AirTex, Adapt, Sun Pro) available as well as multiple silhouettes (Hooded, Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve) to match your needs and sport.

And we’re just getting started.

Shop the entire line here.

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